How to Use This Book

How to Use This Book

Let me take a minute to show how I hope you use this book:
Step 1 - Prerequisities
You need to be sure you have the underlying skills and hardware before we can more forward
Step 2 - Foundations
Let's get your Kubernetes cluster up and running
Step 3 - The fun parts
I put together a number of different paths you can follow to build out the services that you will use for your home lab. They are:

Smart Home Guide

If you want to control or monitor things in your home, Home Assistant is the clear winner. It's open source, has 100s of native integrations, and is one of the most active projects on Github. This will include:
  • Home Assistant with persistent data

Media Center Guide

Whether you want to download (legal) torrents, or collect shows you watched as a kid from Youtube, and being able to watch them anywhere, this guide will get you there.

RSS Reader Guide

While Google Reader has long since died, why not build your RSS Reader that doesn't just pull from Blogs, but can convert from a variety of sources like: Facebook pages, Youtube channels, and plenty of other places. Clear your mind and let's get cracking


If It's Too Much

If you're really focused on just standing up a homelab and learning Kubernetes isn't as important, then check out these alternatives "plug and play" options: